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Three Things You Should Know About Snapchat

The pictures sent on Snapchat may disappear, but these new features are here to stay. Don’t get lost in all of the updates rolling out, or give up on trying to understand the changes. We’ve come up with a few things that will help you stay current on what’s happening in the world of Snapchat.

Behind the Scenes with Spectacles

Everyone is talking about Spectacles, the new lenses from Snapchat that can record up to 30 seconds of video in 10 second increments directly to your phone. To do so, you press the button at the top left corner to begin recording.

The Innovation of Snapchat Advertising

Where consumers go, advertising will follow. That’s why it takes less and less time for social media platforms to go without being decorated with advertisements these days. Instagram and Snapchat, though already a few years old, are still programming ways to make advertisements fit best among the apps.