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YouTube launches “Super Chat”: An Engaging Way to Earn Money

Live streaming has recently been a popular concept that many platforms are slowly starting to make available. With Facebook Live, Twitch, and Instagram Live incorporating live streaming concepts onto their platform, it’s no surprise that YouTube is launching a competitive feature amongst its counterparts within their own live streaming option. 

What’s New Copycat?

The world of social media is pretty small, and for photo-based platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram, the world is even smaller. This being the case, many features that Instagram has been unveiling recently have been very similar to the features that have made Snapchat such a major success.

Introducing “Tried It,” The All New Pinterest Bucket List Feature

Calling all super Pinners: there is now an easy way to cross things off your Pinterest bucket list. This month, Pinterest rolled out the “Tried It” button, a feature that allows users to keep track of every craft, recipe or life hack that they’ve brought to life. It works both as an idea inventory and an endorsement mill for users who are wondering which projects are right for them.

Pinterest Is Connecting Brands to Influencers

Influencer marketing has enormously increased in the last year. It is a form of marketing attracting popular users with large social media followings in a marketing campaign. Most social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat already connect brands with influencers. Pinterest is stepping up their game by creating an influencer marketplace.