Instagram vs Snapchat: Which Story Is Better For Business?

Instagram vs Snapchat: Which Story Is Better For Business?

By. Cade Robertson | @Cadesgap

On August 2nd, Instagram embarked on their new, anti-Snapchat journey with the introduction of ‘Instagram Stories’. Instagram Stories allows users to post photos and videos on a Snapchat-like story, but in a more simplified fashion.

Your Instagram Story, unlike normal posts, does not have likes or comments and appears at the top of your feed in chronological order. If a user’s story has a colorful ring around it, there is new content from that account ready to be viewed.

Unless you’re not already a Snapchat user, these stories disappear after 24 hours so you don’t have to worry about outdated content.

We all know imitation is the highest form of flattery, but Instagram didn’t just imitate -- Instagram evolved Snapchat’s bailiwick of temporary advertisement. Daily content mixed in with permanent advertising is a new marketing mix in-and-of itself.

With that said, Instagram is better for business, and here is  why:

1. The New Marketing Mix

Daily content with the addition of permanent advertising via your Instagram page equals success! This strategy acts like a fishing reel. As users delve into their Stories, your business’s content will appear -- and given the content is intriguing enough -- they’ll head over to your business’s Instagram page. Snapchat, on the other hand, only has up to 10 seconds for a single advertisement.

2. Where do I go to learn more?

If your business was to only invest in Snapchat stories, your following would have to invest in your other social media platforms just to interact with you. This strategy sounds optimal in theory, but no user wants to scour multiple platforms to enter a $50 contest.

3. Out in the open

The openness of Instagram’s layout offers many superior advantages over Snapchat. Instagram’s layout is simple, precise, and open to new users. Given Instagram hits over 300 million daily users, users on Instagram can tap into a much larger audience. Furthermore,  the discovery of new content is exceptionally bigger, and easier to find when compared to Snapchat.

4. Is this even legal?

Trademark and copyright laws do not protect the unique features of certain platforms. Given the ‘stories’ concept isn’t exclusive to Snapchat, Instagram has adopted (and improved) the concept by transmogrifying the concept for business.

Snapchat better get snappy with new ideas, or their platform will only last 10 seconds, at most.

Since Instagram adapted stories, do you think Snapchat will adapt a unique, Instagram feature? Tweet us your answer @Socialmediadel

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