Twitter Launches Customer Service Feature Allowing Agents to Respond Directly

Sonya Patcharapinyopong | @sonyaisabelle

Everyone gets frustrated when a problem occurs and we don’t get the immediate help that we need. If e-mailing takes 2-3 business days just to get an acknowledgment on the problem, and calling the help-line takes 10 steps before you get to be in queue for a live agent line which most likely you’ll be put on hold for an hour.

To tackle with this problem, Twitter recently has launched a feature that allows agents to respond directly to their users. However, this move is not new as T-Mobile was the first company to roll out this new feature.

What’s great about the feature is that it humanizes the company instead of users having to talk to bots with automated answers. The customer service agents can add emojis to their Twitter handle or conversations!

Why is this so important to businesses?

According to Twitter’s research, users who get immediate responses are more likely to spend 3 to 20 percent more from a business in the future.

All in all, the numbers turned out to be positive as 77 percent of users would recommend a brand if they have received any form of personalized customer support. About 19 percent feels that their problem have been resolved and 22 percent feels that the customer service satisfied their needs.

However, the custom profile is only available to the latest version of Twitter’s Direct Message (DM) APIs private beta but you can access this feature if you are a business or a developer.

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