Business Pages Can Now Post Job Openings Through Facebook

Josh Lawson | @JoshKLawson

LinkedIn is used by qualified individuals who are looking for job positions and looking to expand their career. But what about users who don’t have as much experience, or aren’t actively looking for a job?

Facebook has rolled out a new feature that allows business pages to post open positions directly to a new tab on its page labeled as “Jobs”. Facebook automatically fills the application with basic information gathered from a user’s account, and asks them to fill in their job history. The completed file is then sent to the business through Messenger.

 Photo Credit:  Tech Crunch

Photo Credit: Tech Crunch

The main businesses using this feature seem to be small, local, or family-owned. Page administrators can fully customize job listings through the “Jobs” tab or through status updates. These listings have the possibility of being boosted as well, to reach a larger audience - just like regular Facebook posts. They can include information such as job title, salary or wage, and if the position is full or part-time. New jobs can be added at any time, and old ones can be removed just as quickly.

For Facebook users, these job listings will appear in their news feed, can be saved as a bookmark, and will be along the side of Business Pages. After they click, or tap, “Apply Now” a form will pop up, pre-completed with the basic information of their profile. Users can edit and review the form and its contents before they submit it to the business. They can even search for jobs in their area!

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