Top 20 Travel Bloggers to Follow

Top 20 Travel Bloggers to Follow

By Maritza Vega | @maritzavegaPR

Having some major wanderlust? Here’s 20 travel bloggers that you can follow to help plan your next trip.

1. Bucket List Journey | Twitter: @bucketlistjrny

Got a bucket list, but haven’t started or don’t know where to start? Author of the book Bucket List Adventures and award winning travel blog Bucket List Journey, Annette White is an adventurer and creator who checks off her bucket list one trip at a time. She brings her husband Peter along on her adventures to try exotic meals that she logs on her blog.

2. Keep Calm and Travel | Twitter: @KeepCalmkle

At the age of 19, Clelia Mattana already had a passion for traveling. After working 5 years in the London fashion industry, she decided to quit, used the money she saved up, and booked a one way ticket to Bangkok. Since then she’s been traveling around the world encouraging those who read her entries that nobody is too young or old to begin planning trips and traveling the world. “At 35, people expect you to settle down, get married and have kids, but I decided to travel instead.”

3. Migrationology |Twitter: @migrationology

If you’re a foodie at heart, then this is the blog for you. Mark Wiens not only travels the world, but he travels to EAT. With a degree in Global Studies and an appetite to know more about the world, he decided to begin a blog. After a couple of years he has incorporated not just images of the foods he eats, but videos showcasing the food and the culture related to each dish.  

4. Hand Luggage Only | Twitter: @HLOBlog

Sometimes pictures are worth a thousand words, which is one of the aspects of how Hand Luggage Only came to be. Launching from a dorm at the University of Cambridge, Yaya and Lloyd decided to create a place where they could both share their travels and document them through images with other individuals on the internet. With their quirky and fun approach to traveling, the duo always brings some fresh and fun content to their blog.

5. Where’s Sharon? | Twitter: @WheresSharon

Are you married with children, but feel like traveling can be too much? Sharon is here to relate and to rescue you! Sharon and Joshua feel that having kids doesn’t mean you should stop traveling the world. They encourage families to travel because it can be beneficial to educating children. Although their blog content is primarily focused for families who are looking to travel, they do have a few entries where Sharon talks about her travel experiences before she had children.

6. The Blonde Abroad | Twitter: @theblondeabroad

After leaving her corporate finance job in L.A. and the luxuries she hadbehind, Kiersten Rich decided to travel. She felt although she had “societal idea of success” she was unhappy with the life she had and decided to travel the world and volunteer in developing countries. From lists like top places to travel in your 20’s to her personal travel entries, you’ll find yourself wanting to pack your bags.

7. Local Adventurer | Twitter: @LocalAdventurer

Starting off as an emotional writing outlet, Esther decided to create Local Adventurer. She wanted to document her adventures as she moved from the Midwest to Los Angeles. Over the years she met her husband Jacob, her friends Erin and Caroline, and created a group for Local Adventurer. With a team behind the blog, there is always variety ranging from learning a new language to exploring where the locals hang out.

8. Will Fly For Food | Twitter: @flyforfoodnow

Calling themselves Traveleaters, JB and Renée decide where to travel based on the food they want to eat. Renée, previously a travel agent in Beverly Hills, had experience in offering traveling destinations to celebrities. JB was a web designer who had traveled from state to state studying for his degree. Together they met and decided to share their experience with other food lovers online. On their blog you can find a long list divided into continents that they have visited and will visit along with signature dishes they have tried or plan to try.

9. Leave Your Daily Hell | Twitter: @leavyrdailyhell

Seven years ago, Robert decided to document his travels after leaving the US to live in China and teach English. Although it was difficult to start the blog, it is now featured by BuzzFeed, Business Insider, and more! Along with written experiences, Robert focuses on photographing the places he travels to. For those who are huge photography nerds, this blog has a beautiful gallery that will make you want to take your camera and adventure out yourself.

10. Hippie in Heels | Twitter: @Hippie_InHeels

Since Rachel Jones’ senior year in college, she had already backpacked Europe and one month in Uganda. She had fallen in love with traveling since then and felt that she belonged somewhere where she could ultimately be free. After joking about having a job that would let her travel for six months and work the other six, she eventually got what she wanted. Taking her party girl attitude and combining it with her inner hippie she created a blog where she could share her packing tips and adventures with others online. If you’re looking for some vintage inspiration, check her out.

11. Nerd Nomads | Twitter: @NerdNomads

Interested if a place has fast broadband to download your favorite show? Espen and Maria are here to let you know! These two IT nerds took a one way ticket to Bangkok and decided that they wanted to open a blog from nerds for nerds. For them the term nerd means something completely different than what we are familiar with (high-waisted shorts and pocket protectors). To Nerd Nomads, a nerd is someone who is so passionate about their interests that it’s contagious. They encourage individuals to show off their inner nerdiness as they travel throughout the world.

12. Be My Travel Muse | Twitter: @BeMyTravelMuse

Instead of seeking out tour guides in countries she’d never been to, Kristin became her own. After selling all of her belongings and leaving nothing but a carry-on bag and herself, she began her journey as a solo female traveler. By immersing herself into the country's culture, she wanted to share her experience with other passionate travelers as well.  She created her blog to inform individuals on countries around the world (except for Antarctica, they’re currently working on that). If you’re looking for a way to fully experience a country's culture and transportation to its full ability, take a peek on some of her blog entries.

13. Just One Way Ticket | Twitter: @Just1WayTicket

If you’re on the fence about traveling, Sab’s pictures will inspire your next destination. Sabrina is not just a travel blogger but also a photographer. After a sad break up, she took her first trip to Maldives. Instead of coming home to Germany, she decided to book another one way ticket: this time to Kuala Lumpur. After bumping into backpackers, she realized that she wanted to travel because of the admiration to leaving everything behind. Her blog entries always have a story and a breathtaking image to go with it. On top of that, she finds ways to travel at low cost reviewing different tools for curious travelers to use.

14. Travels of Adam | Twitter: @travelsofadam

Do you consider yourself someone who is too cool for society and often called a hipster? Meet Adam, your proud hipster traveler. Originally a graphic designer in Boston, Adam decided to leave his job as a book designer and take a trip around the world. His entries consist of tips and many “Hipster” guides to help curious and new travelers explore culture, food, and sometimes even fashion.  Adam doesn’t just give advice and tips on traveling, but he also carries his own store, where you can buy a series of fashionable shoes, back packs, and even socks!

15. Goats on the Road | Twitter: @GoatsOnTheRoad

Like many couples, Dariece and Nick found themselves having a pretty ordinary life. Both had their own cars, home, and secure jobs in Canada. After a while they both agreed that their routine was getting a little boring and decided to take a trip to Mexico together. A month later they found themselves quitting their jobs, selling their home, car, and possessions and booked a trip to Bangkok. Through hardships with money, they began teaching English abroad, saving up money to travel and creating their blog. Familiar with the cost of traveling, this couple works hard to provide ways to make and save money, and inspire those who want to just throw that routine lifestyle and mix it up a bit.

16. Ordinary Traveler | Twitter: @OrdinaryTravelr

Sometimes it’s difficult to describe the beauty of a culture, which is why Christy Woodrow and Scott Calafiore decided to begin their blog. With both having a passion for photography, they created a blog to record their experiences through not just entries, but photos as well. Just as the title suggest, Woodrow and Calafiore have content that relates to individuals who enjoy traveling, but not necessarily have the urge to quit their job or sell their possessions. Their blog also focuses on providing tips and information to different destinations for those who have limited vacation time.   

17. Travel with Bender | Twitter: @travelwitbender

Since the very beginning Erin and Josh both enjoyed traveling and felt that once they had their children, that wouldn’t stop! Since 2014 the Bender family has been traveling the world nomadically discovering new experiences and cultures along the way. They created their blog to record their experience keeping their content transparent and entertaining to their readers. Although most of their content focuses families, they have a variety of travel resources for singles and couples to try out themselves as well. 

18. The Europe and Beyond | Twitter: @marievallieres

Quitting her data entry job at 19, Marie-Eve Vallieres was unaware of how one year in England would change her life. After experiencing her time there she realized she had fallen in love with the country so much that she was content traveling and discovering what was within England. Although she travels around the world, from time to time she admits that England will always be her #1 destination. With her blog, she shares her entries about the beauty of the different countries she has visited and hopes to inspire individuals who are looking to travel as well.

19. I am Aileen | Twitter: @iamaileen

Broke and young, Aileen Adalid had a thirst for adventure. Quitting her mundane corporate job in the Philippines she managed over time to create her own business, travel, and become featured on different channels like National Geographic and BBC! With her blog entries she hopes to inspire curious travelers to create a life within traveling despite the circumstances. With her blog focusing on her personal experiences and facts she’s acquired along the way, she hopes that her readers can benefit from her blog and use it as a resource to begin their travels.

20. The Savvy Backpacker | Twitter: @SavvyBackpacker

When it comes to traveling, money plays an important part. Susan and James completely understand. The couple, who both travel themselves, found that sometimes backpacking sites provided little information for individuals who were curious about backpacking. After taking their trip to Europe they gathered helpful information that sometimes some travel guides looked over. Realizing that other backpackers were struggling in finding information on how to begin or a resource to refer to, the couple decided to create Savvy Backpacker for those wanting to travel Europe on a backpackers budget.

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