Instagram Begins Testing The Possibility Of Posting Albums

Photo by: Christopher Mineses/Mashable

Photo by: Christopher Mineses/Mashable

Josh Lawson | @JoshKLawson

Instagram has always been about sharing individual moments and memories captured and collected during life’s adventures.  In an Android-specific Beta, some users have the option to test publishing multiple photos in a single post.  Once the bugs and glitches are worked out, users will be able to select up to 10 photos and apply filters individually or to the entire group before posting.

Followers will see the album’s photos by swiping through them and will be able to like the individual photos. The features in Beta have not been fully announced yet, as the albums are struggling to be integrated into users’ timelines.  Instagram is remaining quiet on the subject until they have more concrete data and logistics on the testing.  If it goes well, they plan to roll out the full update for all platforms.

Businesses and advertisers have had access to a similar multi-photo feature since March 2015, which the final version will closely resemble. No other features will be removed to make room for this one.  Individual photos and videos will be possible to post.  Although the app is going in a completely new direction than the original mission it started with, each new addition adds character and the possibility for new users to join the platform.

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