How to Build Customer Support on Social Media

How to Build Customer Support on Social Media

Sonya Patcharapinyopong | @sonyaisabelle

One of the main reasons why customers turn to social media for customer support is because it is in real-time. They get to connect with a representative almost instantly without the hassle of searching for the hotline number.

With the rise of social media, it is reported by J.D. Power that:

  •  67 percent of consumers have used a company's social media site for servicing as compared to 33% for social marketing.
  • Millennials (18-29 years old) are more likely to use a brand’s social media sites for servicing and interactions (43 percent) more than marketing (23 percent).

So here’s how to build customer support on social media:

1. Know which social media platform works for your business

It is important to know where your customers are. Never follow a popular social media site just because it works for one business. It could be wrong for your business as a primary medium.

2. Keep an eye out for mentions that are not-so-obvious

An example of this includes misspelling of your social media handles, hashtags or product names. You can search for your business or products with a variation of possible misspellings. Alternatively, HootSuite is a useful tool that will update new search results to your news feed. This allows business owners to catch users who might have difficulties or complaints, and businesses can reach out to them.

3. Timing is important

Since social media is in real time, GrooveHQ says to make an effort in responding as fast as possible.

4. Tone of voice

Learn to communicate with your customers with the appropriate tone. Different platforms may attract different types of audiences. It is important to identify which type of audience you’re speaking with.

5. Take it offline if needed

Customer support is not the same as crisis management. If there is a need to take an issue offline to resolve it, do it with a proper procedure. Some platforms are limited to a short reply on social media due to the word or character count. In such cases, it is acceptable to transfer to the right medium such as phone or via email to have the issue resolved.

By offering and delivering good customer service, businesses have the opportunity to grow more rapidly as they build stronger relationships with clients. In the business world, maintaining a strong relationship is key in expanding product and customer base.

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