Twitter Explores a New Tab to Consolidate News Content

Not everything that happens on Twitter occurs on your timeline. The previous tab “Trends” showed you the trending hashtags and topics in your area, and “Moments” showed you popular stories. Until recently, these functions were located in different sections of the platform. On January 26, Twitter announced that the best of live video, trends, search, and Moments would all be compiled in a new tab named “Explore”.

The goal of the change was to allow a single, easy-to-locate tab on the platform where users could find everything they wanted to know. Twitter is rarely used to find new content to browse. Instead it is used as a news source, with its users scrolling through their feed to read current events. Now users will be able to do both, plus see top videos and search, all within the Explore tab. But wait, does that mean they are removing any features to make room for this one?

To make a short story even shorter: nope. Twitter researched different ways to improve how people find news, trends and their search queries. During the trials, users reported “Explore” was the easiest way for them to find what they were looking for. The new tab icon will resemble a magnifying glass and be located between the Home and Notifications tabs.

The only thing changing is the removal of the magnifying glass normally found in the top right corner. Searching will now be done through the “Explore” tab. The goal of the new tab is to allow users to find new content all in one place, while also exposing users to information they may not have seen otherwise.

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