5 Ways to Increase Sales on Pinterest

5 Ways to Increase Sales on Pinterest

Shannon Mack | @ShannonMackMack

Social media has become a staple in life of the average American. Seventy-eight percent of the U.S. population uses social media every day. The social media world has forever changed the way businesses can market their companies and increase sales. Even though Pinterest isn’t the platform with the most users, a majority of its users are female millennials interested in making a purchase. Using Pinterest as a tool is a great way to increase sales within your company.

The following list provides some tips and tricks that you can use to leverage the power of Pinterest sales:

1. Develop a Buyer Persona

Instead of marketing to everyone, it’s recommended to figure out who your buyers are and how to target them. Trying to please everyone seldom works out. Instead, please your consistent customers and aim your ads at them.

2. Create Quality Content

It’s important to use high-quality photos and consider what sort of screen sizes your images will be viewed on. For example, 80 percent of Pinterest users are on on mobile devices. Creating content based on the size of a cell phone screen is very important. Below is an example of a properly formatted Pinterest image:

3. Rich Pins

Rich Pins have changed Pinterest from an app for browsing to a shopping experience. Now companies can make their products purchasable straight from the app itself. This creates a very user-friendly way to make sales without bogging your customers down by being directed to multiple links.

4. Create Themed Boards

Lululemon created a themed board called “gift guides: her”. By categorizing your products into creative boards, customers will be more inclined to flip through the board and possibly make a purchase.

By creating a board like “Gift Ideas” or “Party Ideas” and adding your products, it encourages the consumer to be called to action. Not only are they seeing your products but, the consumer can see what your products can be used for.

5. Keep an Eye on Your Stats

Utilizing a buyer persona will target your specific market but, your target market will always change and adapt. Keeping track of your progress through apps like Tailwind can give you a more detailed analysis of how well your company’s pins are doing, then you can make tweaks to future campaigns.

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