8 Tips for Creating 'Clickable' Posts on Social

8 Tips for Creating 'Clickable' Posts on Social

By Shannon Mack | @ShannonMackMack

In the world of social media, it is important to bring content to life. After spending hours brainstorming new ways to create compelling content, you want it to be seen!

Here are eight ways to create ‘clickable’ content:

1. Quality Content

Quality over quantity. Making sure your social media content has quality will get you more traffic on your page versus lots of mediocre content. Your content should be engaging and keep your audience’s attention.

2. Consistency

Being consistently active on your social media platforms is important. No one wants to follow a profile that only posts once every two years. Post regularly and make sure your posts have a consistent style. Adding your personal identity to your posts will set you apart from other profiles and make your content unique.

3. Timing of Posts

Timing is everything. That statement is even more valid in the world of social media. Here are the most popular times for each platform:

Twitter- 3pm-5pm

Facebook- 1pm-3pm

YouTube- 12pm-3pm

Pinterest- 2pm-4pm

LinkedIn- 8am-5pm

Instagram- 8am-9am and 5pm

4. Visuals

Facebook posts with photos get 53% more likes than those without. A picture really does say 1,000 words so instead of making a super wordy post, use an attention grabbing image! Make sure your visuals are good quality and avoid grainy dark photos, especially on platforms like Instagram where every post is centered around an image.

5. Humor

Whether you are an internet personality or a full-fledged company, humorous posts will always be your friend. People like to laugh and engaging them with comedy is a great approach. For example, the movie Deadpool used humor as their main marketing tool, and the results were astounding. Driving your posts with a unique personality and sense of humor will make your profile the talk of the town.

6. Short and Sweet

Using bit.ly is a great way to keep the attention on your content and not the URL you have linked to the post. It’s important to add a link to direct attention to your web page, but long website addresses distract from your content. Using bit.ly link shortening can increase your click through rate by 34%.


7. Interact

Once you have an audience responding to your posts, interact with them! Establishing a relationship with your consumers is crucial. Whether you are a company or an “up-and-coming” internet personality, having a relationship with your followers will keep them engaged and interested in you.

8. Call To Action!

Once you have your followers attention, call them to action! Ask them to participate in polls or surveys on your page. Ask them to go visit your blog. Ask them to comment on your posts by asking a question. At the end of the day, social media is about being active and being SOCIAL with each other.

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