Twitter Becomes "Well Rounded" with New 360-degree Live Streaming Feature

By Victoria Jameson | @VictoriaJameson

New year, new Twitter features! In a blog posted just before the start of 2017, the app announced its latest and greatest improvement for their live streaming app, Periscope. This 360-degree video feature is aimed at creating a “more immersive way” to experience live moments on the app. There is some speculation that these videos will be able to be viewed on Twitter in the future, but has not been confirmed.

At the start of 2016, Twitter had quite the struggle.  There were rumors that Twitter would be acquired by a big name brand, but nothing came of it.  A handful of improvements that users had been waiting on were implemented (like the quality filter, customer service tools, and character count rules).  But there were several very public mistakes that the company faced, like suspending their own CEO and promoting a neo-Nazi ad. Also there was the early demise of the popular video app Vine at the end of the year. It’s safe to say that Twitter has definitely had its fair share of ups and downs last year.

Despite the roller coaster ride, it’s nice to see that Twitter is still trying to improve their features to attract new users and maintain current ones. Right now, 360-degree live streaming is only available to those who have earned the ‘broadcaster’ title, although it is unclear as to how exactly one qualifies for that honor.

The 360-degree video is actually a feature of a camera that broadcasters plug in to their smartphone, so it isn’t something just anyone can access. While it doesn’t look like this technology is going to come full circle to all Twitter users just yet, it’s definitely an interesting tool for generating more views on Periscope and retaining their audience that might be losing interest due to growing the popularity of live streaming on Facebook and Instagram.

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