Branching Out and Up

Antonio Nichols | @AntonioBNJr

The recently rebranded Snap Inc. is making moves again, this time on an international stage. With Snapchat being such a major hit in America, why shouldn’t the young social media giant branch out a bit? Cimagine is the latest Snap Inc. acquisition and the addition is one that could greatly increase the sales and entertainment value of Snapchat.

 Photo Credit: TechCrunch

Photo Credit: TechCrunch

Cimagine is a company based in Israel that is working on bringing more technology to the sales floor. Cimagine allows the seller to use augmented reality in order to show a product in the space that the buyer would use it. This method works best with furniture and other large products, but with the combined reach and exposure through Snap Inc., the possibilities become more extensive. Working with companies as small as Jerome’s furniture store and as large as Coca-Cola has shown Cimagine’s scope and the possibilities available with this technology.  While Snapchat had a hand in this tech with its Starbucks promotions, this will give the platform more opportunities to offer different types of promotions and features.

 Photo Credit:  Cimagine

Photo Credit: Cimagine

The quiet 30 to 40 million dollar acquisition of Cimagine opens up a variety of avenues for Snap Inc.  One major advantage is that the company now has roots in Israel where they can begin to create a Snapchat presence and have greater international success. An additional advantage is the possibility of Snapchat using this technology in their already popular app and boosting its sales impact and entertainment value. his purchase also boasts access to Cimagne’s four co-creators who have already shown their value through the product and service provided to their customers. Snapchat is expanding internationally and making moves that could push its usefulness in the business world to new heights. Don’t get left behind! Contact Social Media Delivered today and stay updated with the newest developments and tactics in social media.