Tips On How To Have A Rockin’ LinkedIn Profile

Sonya Patcharapinyopong | @sonyaisabelle

Everybody wants to get noticed. But how does someone get that attention on LinkedIn?

We all know that LinkedIn is a platform used to connect professionally within your area of interest, be it with co-workers or professionals. It also informs about the latest news in your field, as well as  helps to discover opportunities that will allow one to venture to new career heights.

In order to get the attention online that might lead to a business deal or the job of your dreams, here’s what you need to do or have on your LinkedIn profile:


1. Have a professional headshot.

You want to put your face on your profile so people can recognize/remember you.

2. Customize your URL link.

This will make it easier to share with others, and it will also make you look more professional.

3. Write a good summary of yourself.

Say things that express your personality and sound fun and interesting.  What sets you apart from the rest?

4. Join groups. Be in cliques.

Be involved in your circles of interests. You’ll never know when you’ll find a good connection or job opportunity.

5. Remember, LinkedIn is like your resumé.

Add external links like your blog(s) if they are appropriate or if you speak 3 languages and have a flare for certain skills.

6. Check for GSP (grammar, spelling and punctuation).

Typos are mistakes that can be avoided.

7. Update your status every so often, but don’t go overboard because too much posting is annoying.

You may post your recent accomplishments or simply share useful information. Inspirational quotes are popular status updates too.

8. Stay in touch! You can comment, like or share your connection’s posts. After all, it is a professional business connection site.

Go on and have a rockin’ LinkedIn profile that will make you stand out from your peers and impress your future connections!

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