Vine May Be Shutting Down, But Its Videos Aren’t Lost Forever

Josh Lawson | @JoshKLawson

 Photo Credit:  Jason Howie

Photo Credit: Jason Howie

In October 2016, Vine told the world it was shutting down the signature, fast-paced, video service it was known for. Many users and content creators were upset with the announcement. The company is following through with its promise by shutting down the app on January 17, 2017. However, this doesn't mean it’s the end of the six-second video service. The Vine app is turning into Vine Camera, which allows users to create the same short videos and post them directly to Twitter or save them to a phone’s camera roll.

Users can download vines by using the app. They can even download a folder with all the videos they’ve made if they go the Vine website and click the “download your vines" button in the top right of the screen. This feature won't be available forever, though. Users have until January 17 to download the vines they want to keep. Multiple requests can be made, but each download link will only be available for 48 hours.

After the switch to Vine Camera is made, users will no longer be able to download any more vines. The website will remain an archive of the videos that have been created over the years, and allow viewers to watch them over and over again. Users will also have the option to follow the same creators they follow on Vine on Twitter. The hope is that with the updated app, creators will have access to the same tools they used previously and still create videos with their signature style- but post it to their Twitter account instead.


With this new approach to content creation, users previously unaware will now be exposed to content directly from the creators. There will no longer be a middleman app that has Twitter integration, but rather the content will be posted in a native format from the verified accounts of those creators.

The platform of Vine may be discontinuing, but the six-second videos we all know and love can still be created with Vine Camera and be shared on every other platform.

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