Ain’t No Party Like A Pie Fight Party

Richard Niño | @_Richard_Nino

The daily grind of work can be a constant struggle. There’s always clients that have immediate needs, employees that need to be managed, deliverables that need to be delivered. It can sometimes turn even the most seasoned veteran into a puddle of exhaustion. Here at Social Media Delivered, we’re definitely not without struggles, but there is one thing we have that other companies don’t: An annual pie fight.

Thats right! A pie fight. There are four core values that are the living, breathing pillars of our  company and one of them is to “Make Life Funner”. You may be thinking “Wait- Funner isn’t a word”, but that’s exactly the point. Our wacky, crazy antics keep us a step ahead of the competition, because even on the days where everyone is riding that struggle bus, we keep work fun.

I’ve been lucky enough to participate in previous pie fights, and it gets better every year. Making 350 pies while also strategically planning how to  survive the pie fight (pro tip: you won’t) makes for some great employee bonding. Take a look at some highlights from our latest pie fight. The first rule of pie fight is there are no rules!