Facebook vs. AdBlock Plus

By: Antonio Nichols | @AntonioBNJr

Ads on social media have been the backbone of successful platforms since their creation. Though they can be annoying and intrusive at times, ads are the reason that many  social media platforms are free.  Facebook currently offers full free access with ads, but a Google Chrome extension called Adblock Plus (ABP) continues to block these ads.

Credit: LSEO


Facebook is very adept at making ads visible to users while attempting to keep them as non-intrusive as possible. But for some users, even just one ad is too many.  . Adblock Plus (ABP) has been locked in a digital battle with Facebook since its creation, and Facebook has now gotten the upper hand.

Credit: TechCrunch


Facebook has been working diligently to circumvent the coding expertise of ABP’s community and for the last month the social media giant has been triumphant.

Credit: SocialMediaExaminer


Not only has Facebook been working to overcome the coding of ABP’s contributors, they are also instituting a policy of ad reinsertion. The new policy they will be adopting will ensure that all browsers, regardless of ad blocking software, will see the ads that allow them to stay in business. This move has its supporters and opponents, however there are companies that advertise on Facebook that disapprove of the decision. GroupM Worldwide is one of the most outspoken companies on the subject, and they have decided to discontinue payment of reinserted ads. This ongoing fight between two relentless sides will continue to develop as time goes on.

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