Snapchat May be the New Place for Engaging Advertisement

By Rosendo Martinez | @rosmar214

Snapchat is gaining momentum in advertising and could be teaming up with Fandango to promote box office movie ticket purchases in the near future.  

As Snapchat incorporates advertisement, decisions are being made on how and who will best fit their current presence. Fandango is hoping to attract the attention of the younger crowd that uses Snapchat daily, in hopes of promoting movie ticket sales..  

According to New York Times, Fandango is working on an interface designed for Snapchat.

This new feature is supposed to keep the user within the Snapchat walls to purchase tickets.  No tricky switching between apps, links to Fandango’s website, or leaving the social media platform.  It should be a clean and seamless way to buy tickets for an advertised film.  

President of Fandango, Paul Yanover has stated “This is about Fandango appearing in these environments in an organic, natural way-- the way people communicate with each other now, they way they actually discover, plan and buy.”

Snapchat has collaborated with 20th Century Fox and Fandango earlier this year for the X-Men: Apocalypse release.  It was the first time Snapchat allowed for a complete takeover of all of its lenses to show off several of the more popular X-Men characters. It had mixed reviews, but it was a great trial for both companies to see its potential.  Tickets were sold for a few days, and then users were able to get back to their beloved dog filter.

The process should be simple enough to where it won’t be bothersome to the average user.  The biggest hurdle for social media platforms is to try and advertise without it taking over the user experience. Snapchat could have an advantage due to its particular style of video engagement.   Nothing has been verified by Snapchat, but given they have done business together in the past, and Fandango has already collaborated with Facebook and Apple in a similar fashion, it should be coming to all the flower crown filter users sooner than later.