Twitter is Keeping it Fresh

By William Knop | @williamknop


Twitter is desperately trying to keep up with the pack. The tech world is continuing to evolve at a rapid rate, yet Twitter seems to be lacking a few key features that other messaging apps have been incorporating in their services for a while.  

Apple’s iMessage and Facebook Messenger have been both utilizing the read receipt for quite some time. Twitter just announced that with the newest update you can now utilize this same feature. Twitter’s read receipts will be in the form of a little blue check mark accompanied by a timestamp that will appear when your message has been read.  

Pretending to never have received a message via Twitter DM is no longer a valid excuse for not replying to someone. However, this feature is only available for users accessing Twitter through Apple’s IOS apps or Android. The feature will automatically be enabled once the app is updated. The good news is that if you aren’t a fan of the read receipt feature you can turn it off under the settings section.


Two additional features that are being introduced with the update are typing indicators and group messaging. Both of these features will make communicating with friends and companies quick and efficient, especially if multiple people need to be contacted at the same time.  Expanded preview links are also part of the latest Twitter update  With these changes it is evident that Twitter is trying to keep up with what other social media messaging apps have been doing for a while. Even though Twitter is a little late to the game, users should be happy with the updates.

The real question is what does it mean for companies or ad agencies that utilize Twitter’s direct messaging as a way of communication? It could be a good thing or a bad thing, only time will tell. If a read receipt feature has been turned on than it gives both the consumer and company accountability to respond to the actions at hand in a timely matter. Transactions could get resolved quicker and more business could get done. This feature will encourage companies to be prompt with their responses.


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