The Endless Possibilities of Facebook’s New AI Open-Source Coding

By William Knop | @williamknop


AI (artificial intelligence) seemed to be something that would only be possible in the future.  It turns out that so-called future is here.  AI is everywhere, especially social media.  Facebook uses AI software to recognize the faces of your friends when you post an image.  Facial identification is just the tip of the iceberg for what Facebook is currently working on.  Facebook just announced that it would be making 3 of the image recognition software tools available to the public for open source coding.  What does this mean? It means that you yes you, will be able to contribute to the advancement in this technology.  Any coders out there, this is your chance to shine and gain some fame!  The 3 tools available for the public to alter/contribute to are DeepMask (detection software), SharpMask (refinement), as well as MultiPathNet (identification).  Facebook decided to make each of these tools available to the public in hopes to speed up the process of identifying all types of items, not just faces.

Photo: Social Media Today

Facebook and Google have always been leaders in new technology. Facebook is claiming that it will soon be able to identify all types of objects within an image that is posted.  Anything from animals, cars or even types of food are items that will potentially be identified.  The possibilities are truly endless, and by opening up the coding to the public it may happen sooner than expected. The social media company is saying that tiny details down to the health content of a meal will be able to be defined (or so they hope). A bit scary how fast technology is progressing, but impressive nonetheless.

Photo: Social Media Today

Photo: Social Media Today

This type of advancement is excellent news for businesses and advertisers.  If all goes as Facebook is anticipating, the possibilities for products or services to gain exposure are extremely high.  If an item can be identified, it should then be easy to advertise the product or service.    

The future is here and will only keep progressing.  The rapid rate at which technology is advancing is something your business needs to be aware of.  Social Media Delivered would love to help your business grow and take you to the next level. Contact us today to see what we can do for you!

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