YouTube Red and Why It’s Secretly Amazing

By: Cade Robertson | @Cadesgap

YouTube Red is a variant of the popular platform, YouTube. You obviously knew that, but the two aren’t even remotely the same in terms of popularity, purpose, and potential. YouTube is known for its vast array of videos, popular content creators, and probably it’s most defined feature -- ads. YouTube Red on the other hand, is known for everything YouTube is not --  streaming videos offline, playing videos in the background, and ad-free, exclusive content.

1. Stream videos under a rock

For the price of $9.99 a month, YouTube Red gives you the ability to hide in the most remote corners of the world and still be able to stream your favorite cat videos with a tap of a finger. Offline video-viewing gives the subscriber the ability to experience everything they would normally be able to, but without the need for a wifi connection.


Screenshot by Sarah Mitroff/CNET

2. Ads are no more

YouTube content creators get paid through ad revenue. With YouTube Red, subscribers will be free of consistent 30-second ads on every video and delve straight into the content they paid for. Because ad revenue is gone, most of the $9.99 subscription fee will go to content creators so they can continue making groundbreaking, candy-tasting videos.


3. Playing music in the background

At one time or another, most users of the YouTube app have tried to play music via music videos, lyric videos, etc… and tried to make the video play in the background. Unfortunately, the app shuts down and the music ceases. YouTube Red, on the other hand, allows you to play music in the background at any time with or without your phone being locked. With many other services offering free music with a paid subscription i.e. iTunes Music, Spotify Premium, Pandora Premium -- YouTube Red has a leg up with unlimited music and unlimited video viewing in the background. As an added bonus, for the price of $14.99 per month, you can share YouTube Red music with up to 6 others and set up individual music playlists so you can avoid the possibility of running into music from your mother’s generation.


Screenshot by Sarah Mitroff/CNET

4. Exclusive TV shows and movies

YouTube has always been known for it’s short, funny and impractical videos. In contrast, huge content creators like Joey Graceffa and Lilly Singh have endorsed YouTube Red and have written, produced, and directed their own exclusive content, such as ‘Escape The Night’ and ‘A Trip To Unicorn Island’. ‘Escape The Night’ is an exclusive show that releases episodes weekly and in the highest quality. ‘A Trip to Unicorn Island’ is an exclusive, full-length feature film featuring Lilly Singh herself.

With exclusive TV shows and full-length feature films being added to the repertoire of the traditional YouTube site, YouTube Red is bound for success.

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