Inspire your Audience to Buy with Promoted Videos on Pinterest

By Rosendo Martinez | @rosmar214

Video promotion is the latest craze to help advertise and sell products and services on social media.

Photo source: Pinterest


It allows for brands to market their product in a more engaging, interactive way.  For that reason, Pinterest has been working on a new addition to their arsenal for businesses to market their product in a unique way.   

Pinterest has recently launched their Promoted Video and Pins feature to keep people engaged on their site longer, as well as have brands come to them to market their products and services. Mike Bidgoli, product manager at Pinterest mentions that 67% of people who are inspired by videos shown on Pinterest can now purchase immediately, as well as look at other products you offer.

Because users typically look for and buy products right off the Pinterest platform, they now have added the capability for a business to discuss or demonstrate  any product as well as  display  similar products

Photo source: Pinterest 


A brand will now be able to add several pins directly underneath a  video, so that the customer doesn’t have to go far  to shop for that product, as well as other suggested products.

Many times a buyer may leave the platform in search of the product. This makes it an easy step to move forward with the purchase.

From the looks of it, this new feature should be a win for Pinterest, businesses and customers alike.  It’s a perfect way for businesses to show off their goods. It’s an easier way for a user to buy something they are interested in.   

Promoted Video Pins by Pinterest is a great way for brands to display and sell their products and services in one very popular place, and a very easy way for users to get the most out of a visit to a brand on Pinterest.  

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