Snapchat TV Shows

By: Chloe Hodge | @chloekhodge


NBCUniversal has announced a plan to launch versions of its most popular television shows, such as The Voice, Saturday Night Live, and The Tonight Show, on Snapchat.

The Comcast Corp-owned media giant signed a multi-year deal with Snapchat. NBCU says it won’t use Snapchat to merely repurpose television clips like it does on YouTube. Instead, the goal of the new deal is to cater to audiences across various platforms.

Executive Vice President of Business Development at NBCUniversal Ron Lamprecht says that pairing with Snapchat will create even more space for unique and original content.

“The idea that you’re going to take a horizontal piece of content, even if it’s great, and just crop it vertically isn’t going to work,” Lamprecht said. “This is going to be more of an original show production.”

The plan is to reimage various TV shows for Snapchat. In addition to providing its mobile-first audience with reformatted clips of the latest shows, the snaps will also feature content unique to Snapchat.

The official announcement was made Monday, Aug. 8.

“The Voice on Snapchat” will be the first of the NBCUniversal’s series to roll out. The series will air on Snapchat Aug. 22 and will include five short episodes. On Sept. 8, E! News, a branch of NBCU, will debut “The Rundown”, a weekly pop culture series that will feature segments exclusive to Snapchat.

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