The Struggle Is Real… That One Time Twitter Accidentally Suspended the CEO

By Victoria Jameson | @VictoriaJameson

Oops. Jack Dorsey, Twitter CEO and co-founder, was briefly suspended from his account (@Jack) last Tuesday night. Users seemed to be confused and equally humored by this mishap judging by their tweets during the CEO’s surprise hiatus. It was corrected within hours, but Dorsey still lost over a million followers during that time frame.

Once his account was back up, Dorsey posted a tweet that explained the incident as an ‘internal mistake’.

It’s certainly been an interesting month in social media land, and it isn’t the first major faux pas Twitter has encountered in November. Just a week earlier, an advertisement slipped past the site’s filters blasting a news article posted by a neo-nazi organization. Dorsey apologized for the mistake and blamed the automated system for not flagging the ad before it was approved. Dorsey’s accidental account suspension shortly afterwards was viewed as ironic by those critical of the company.

In recent years, Twitter has been facing a lot of pressure to crack down on abusing and trolling on the site. This has sparked some controversy and led to an update in their abuse policy, as well as a feature that allows users to filter out keywords, emojis, keywords, and hashtags. (Sound familiar? Instagram recently took on a similar feature.)

All in all, we’re all hoping Twitter doesn’t face any more issues for the rest of the year! It seems like they’ve fixed the internal error that was to blame and are moving forward in full force with new features in the works.

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