Twitter says YES to Yes, Inc.

By Victoria Jameson | @VictoriaJameson

2016 has been full of challenges and changes for Twitter. They lost three executives in January 2016 as an effort to streamline management and stabilize the app’s subpar growth over the previous quarter.

Even after the release of their new ‘Moments’ feature and the end of the ‘Vine’ era, Twitter has still experienced some growing pains (like the suspension of CEO Jack Dorsey's own account. Oops!).

Well, the saga continues with Twitter’s latest acquisition of Yes, Inc. This small San Francisco based startup is known for its social messaging apps that connect people around the world. It’s no surprise that this company would fit in perfectly with Twitter.

A side effect of this acquisition is yet another change in management. Yes, Inc. co-founder Keith Coleman is stepping into an important role for Twitter: Vice President.

Coleman spoke of his excitement surrounding the acquisition, and how Yes, Inc. has always admired Twitter because the brand speaks to (their) love of working at a global scale.

Before Coleman helped to found Yes, Inc. in 2014, he worked at the one and only Google. Needless to say, his reputation precedes him. Those of us in the social media world are excited to see what Coleman has to bring to the table and the impact he’ll have as VP for Twitter.

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