Top Ten Brands on Pinterest

Top Ten Brands on Pinterest

Danny Cardozo | @DannyLCT

When we need inspiration on new recipes, what to wear, how to decorate for the holidays, or even where to travel, we can always count on Pinterest to get our creative juices going. On this list we will go over which brands have “pinned” the tail on the donkey when it comes to promoting your brand on Pinterest.


10. DIY Network

Among the many home improvement brands on Pinterest, DIY Network seems to stay ahead of the pack by equipping their followers with a seemingly endless array of original ideas: from growing a garden to helping plan that cozy reading nook and everything in between.

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9. Target

Ever find yourself enjoying your visits to Target more than you care to admit? You’re not alone. You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home to plan your next big project. Target on Pinterest, just like their actual stores, will amaze you with their wide variety of products that inspire with kitchen hacks, painting projects, wardrobe get the point!



8. Penguin Random House

While DIY Network will help you build that reading nook, Penguin Random House will equip you with the books to fill it. Their Pinterest boards are filled with suggestions and entertainment such as inspirational quotes, gift ideas, recommended reading, funny memes and inspirational authors.



7. Forever 21

You can’t be 21 forever, but you can go Forever 21. This fast-growing brand takes their Pinterest very seriously with their meticulously curated boards and up-to-the-minute fashion trends. What Forever 21 does best is interact with their audience. In fact, they have an entire board dedicated to what their followers like to wear from their infinite wardrobe selections.



6. Betty Crocker

For decades Betty Crocker has helped us materialize our baking ideas with their unequaled recipes. In 2016, they continue this with their adaptability to market on social media, which is why they made our list. Way to go, Betty Crocker!



5. StubHub

StubHub is testing the Pinterest market and rocking at it. This is the #1 page on Pinterest where event-goers like yourself will be able to keep up with the latest events, all categorized by genre and sport.


4. Ipsy

Ipsy’s ability to mix beauty and art is quite uncanny. Moreover, their comprehensive boards will entertain you with helpful beauty tips from the pros as well as some DIY tutorials. They’ve even broken down their content by color. So you won’t have to go through a bunch of oranges, yellows and greens when you’re just looking for purples.



3. Lululemon

This entry comes at no surprise. Lululemon has reaped all the benefits of Pinterest with their diverse and extensive page. What makes Lululemon stand out the most is their willingness to step out of the comfort zone and create boards that loosely relate to their products. Their ideas range from food and travel to inspirational quotes and craft ideas.



2. Nordstrom

With over 4.5 million followers, Nordstrom could not shy away from our list. Nordstrom is the embodiment of how a corporate brand should use Pinterest. To understand how this retail giant manages such a large following, look no further than their boards. They cover just about every topic imaginable and appear to be very in-tune to the female majority Pinterest demographic with their tailor-fit posts.



1. is the living testament of the influential power of Pinterest and how to turn a TV celebrity into a well-known brand. At a glance, their Pinterest account looks more like a typical user than that of a competitive brand, but a closer look will tell you they have close engagement with their users and work tirelessly to pin items that appeal to its loyal following.



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