Introducing “Tried It,” The All New Pinterest Bucket List Feature

By Anna Barden | @awbarden

Calling all super Pinners: there is now an easy way to cross things off your Pinterest bucket list.

This month, Pinterest rolled out the “Tried It” button, a feature that allows users to keep track of every craft, recipe or life hack that they’ve brought to life. It works both as an idea inventory and an endorsement mill for users who are wondering which projects are right for them.

  Image via TechCrunch

Image via TechCrunch

The way it works is simple: if you’ve tried an idea or Pin, a red checkmark is available to click above the Pin. Furthermore, you can choose to evaluate the Pin by selecting either a happy face for something you loved, a sad face for an idea that wasn’t for you, and an optional section for commentary. This feature makes things easier when it comes to searching product reviews and in turn, promotes useful tips and feedback.

  Image via TechCrunch

Image via TechCrunch

Your online lifestyle(s) just got a lot more organized.

This Tried It feature relieves the needle-in-the-haystack effect when it comes to trying to remember the exact details of something that caught your eye, and frees the stress of memorizing a recipe that you once pinned long ago. It’s kind of like having a separate bookmarks tab for your Pinterest account, that other Pinners can also access on your profile.

It’s one of Pinterest’s many updates that hopes to encourage more engagement and exploration of the website and app, and intends to make things a little more helpful in the virtual scrapbooking world.

So, get ready to start archiving all of your trials and errors - and keeping the list of them as neat as a Pin.  

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