Behind the Scenes with Spectacles

By Liz Lemuz | @lizrlemuz

Everyone is talking about Spectacles, the new lenses from Snapchat that can record up to 30 seconds of video in 10 second increments directly to your phone. To do so, you press the button at the top left corner to begin recording.

You may be wondering, how can I get a hold of these lenses?  Snapchat is really using this new hot commodity to its advantage and only selling a limited amount at this time.  As of right now, the only way to get a pair of spectacles at a reasonable price (which is about $130) is to wait for the yellow vending machine called the Snapbot, which is being dropped off at a different location every 24 hours. This makes the anticipation of Spectacles much more exciting, right?

  Photo:    Tech Times

Photo: Tech Times

Until you find the yellow brick road to the magical yellow vending machine, Snapchat is allowing its users to experience what it’s like to have the trendy frames on by allowing them to scan a snapcode. Once you scan the snapcode (provided below), you will be able to use the frames as a snap filter for 24 hours, so at least you’ll be able to see how good you’ll look when you get your own pair. If you would like to see what it is actually like to record from behind these lenses, Ellen Degeneres gives you her fun perspective here.

The important question we are all asking ourselves is how will Spectacles be effective for businesses? Since these lenses are new to the market and are difficult to get a hold of, it is not easy to say. It really depends on how creative you can get with this new gadget! What we do know is that these lenses will be easier to engage your followers in live experiences. If you’re a business and you want to be a bit more transparent with your fan base, why not use Spectacles to give them a closer perspective to what it’s like to be behind the scenes? With Spectacles it will be easier to record any live event without being the annoying person with your phone high above everyone else’s head. Another idea from a business perspective is getting your employees to use the lenses and share their daily routine at the office. I can already think about the awesome footage we would get at Social Media Delivered!

How successful will these lenses be for your business? Like mentioned previously, it really depends on what you bring to the table. This being a new tool for the social media world, the possibilities are endless. Spectacles are a really cool new accessory that can help bring a new perspective to your brand.

Have you been lucky enough to try Spectacles? Let us know what you think in the comments below!