Facebook Introduces a Better Way to Play

By Antonio Nichols | @AntonioBNJr

The social media titan Facebook, is well known for its innovations on a platform that already experiences more traffic than any other. Years ago the platform stepped into the gaming world with games such as Farkle, Restaurant City, and others that connected users to their friends. However, these games quickly fell out of favor, and the hype that surrounded Facebook’s first gameroom was over. With this new push in the form of Gameroom, Facebook hopes to be able to compete with mobile games and even Steam.

Photo: TechFrag

Photo: TechFrag

Gameroom is a downloadable desktop gaming platform available for users with operating systems of Windows 7 and above.Facebook says the platform is primed to compete with IOS games, Android games, andthe popular gaming platform Steam. Steam being the leader, it has over 125 million active users with millions playing at any given time. Stiff competition is not the only issue that Facebook faces with this release, but the scope of the games available on the platform as of now is lacking. This issue is projected to be resolved by the time the full version is released for consumers at a later date.

Photo: Tech Crunch

The biggest question swirling around this new Gameroom is what makes this any different or better than any of the many other gaming platforms on the internet? The factor that Facebook is banking on is that it provides gamers the opportunity to play games that they love with the added benefit of easily connecting with their Facebook friends in the process. Gameroom supports web, ported mobile and native Gameroom games giving players a wide variety of games to choose from.

Facebook is a platform that is highly innovative and continues to change and extend its brand into new areas. Don’t get left in the past, call Social Media Delivered today and learn how we can keep you updated on the latest developments.