New Facebook app is the Coolest Thing Since...Facebook

By Danny Cardozo | @DannyLCT

Most built-in smartphone calendars seem to work well with balancing your weekly work-life schedule, but imagine if it did a whole lot more. What if this calendar would not only help you remember social events you’re attending, but also suggest others you might be interested in as well? That’s what Facebook’s latest app, “Events” does.


We’ve all been there before: you couldn’t wait for the weekend to get here and when it finally arrives, you can’t think of anything to do. With the new Events app you can kiss that predicament goodbye.

As soon as you enter the app, you are prompted to connect it to Facebook in order to gather data regarding what events your friends are attending, which events are in your area and which events to recommend based on the pages you follow. (Plus, login and password information is not required if you are already signed into the main Facebook app.)

Once you’ve been connected, you are able to select categories based on your interests from the 18 available. Whether you’re passionate about contributing to a cause or just want an evening of laughter, there’s a category for that. Already committed to an event? Events will notify you of any updates so you are not the only one to show up to a canceled event. (Awkward!)

  Photo Credit:  Mashable

Photo Credit: Mashable

The loaded new app also has a built-in weather feature, an interactive map and even allows you to view your personal calendar to avoid conflicting schedules. If you still haven’t decided if Events is worth a download to your phone, you will still be able to see your friend’s activities on the new app.

Events is currently only available on the iPhone’s app store but will soon be available to Android users. What do you think of this new app? Tweet us your thoughts @SocialMediaDel!