The Latest ‘Google Insight’ into the Future of Mobile Analytics

By Danny Cardozo | @DannyLCT

With an ever-changing and fast-evolving market, Google is continuously staying ahead of the cyber-curve. Their latest Google Analytics mobile app overhaul and styled Automated Insights self-customizes based on user behavior.


Although GA had previously made all their current functions available to the public on both desktop and mobile, this new update organizes them and prioritizes the most suitable ones to its user. Large business will benefit from this because it reduces the amount of time company executives will need to invest in, searching for the features that best works for them -- just in time when the Holidays are approaching and many corporate giants are looking to meet their year-end goals. For smaller businesses, it remains a cost-free, powerful tool that connects them with their target consumers.


So how did Google, yet again, successfully tune in to the needs of its consumers?

Over a period of time, Google noticed that a great majority of the users that utilized their GA site didn’t use the full functions and capabilities the site has to offer.

Instead, they discovered that a large number of users used only some of them (an intimidating affair, even for the moderately experienced.) But with this update, Google is able to record what features you use most and gains “insight” on what other GA gadgets you could benefit from by using a “thumbs up” and “thumbs down” system. They are also able to notify you on a website’s analytic trend changes.


Although GA is currently only available as a phone app, Google is planning bringing their latest number-cruncher on the desktop platform soon, and we personally can’t wait!

In the meantime, go see for yourself what the hype is about! The latest GA mobile app is on Google Play and the App Store. Check it out and tweet us your thoughts @SocialMediaDel.