An Eye for An App: The Rebranding of Snapchat, and Other Updates from the Messaging App

By Anna Barden | @awbarden

Snapchat is more dynamic than ever this month, with the launch of Spectacles and the re-branding of the company.

Spectacles, which are coming “soon,” are sunglasses that have a built in camera, allowing Snapchat users to record what they’re seeing from a human’s eye, rather than a camera phone. Recorded content will be able to extend to 30 seconds in time, and the user will be able to transfer it to their Snapchat story and/or memories via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

The sunglasses will come in three different colors: coral, teal, and black. And no, they’re not the same thing as Google Glass. In fact, they will cost significantly less, at $130.

Preview of Spectacles, via The Drum


Upon the announcement of Spectacles, Snapchat has decided to rebrand. According to CSO Imran Khan, Snapchat is no longer one app. Snapchat, the app on your phone, will remain the same, and Spectacles are their own product. But the two will now act as daughters, if you will - of the company, which is now called Snap, Inc.

Another recent feature from the company are the new templates of Geofilters, available online at This feature allows users to create Geofilters online, as opposed to using image editing software. This is ideal for birthdays, weddings, and other celebrations. Individuals as well as businesses can benefit from this.

Screenshot via Snapchat


As far as other updates in the Snapchat app, there are a few new useful ones:

  1. You can now bold, italicize, or underline the text on snaps.

  2. Instead of pressing and the holding the screen down on your face to place a lens (such as the flower halo or face swap), now you can simply tap it.

  3. You can now preview a user’s story before adding them as a friend.

  4. You can place captions anywhere on a recorded video snap by holding down the text after it is written.

Image via b4rden on Snapchat

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