Facebook is Introducing Workplace

by Valerie Jarreau | @violetsummer7



Now there's a way to enjoy Facebook at work and not feel guilty about it.  Facebook is launching a new Facebook at Work app called Workplace that will allow company employees to communicate and collaborate together in ways they couldn't before.  In addition to the audio and video calling options, it allows colleagues to exchange ideas and assume tasks through Facebook at Work features such as News feed, Instant Messaging, Events and Live Video, & Groups.

Workplace has already been testing its new service at over 100 companies. The app will have an entry-level version, free of charge to companies, and will offer more advanced features with pricing based upon the number of company employees using the site.  The platform already has several competitors in this space, such as LinkedIn, Slack, Yammer, and HipChat.  LinkedIn has long been the leader in this space and has recently added it's new Lookup App allowing peer employees to find one another searching by name, title, skills and other variables.

Workplace has a few initial user advantages.  In addition to having no advertisements to ignore, and no company data tracking, subscribers will enjoy the familiarity of the same Facebook look and feel they’ve come to know for their personal use.  One potential drawback is that the service will have to strive to overcome the association of Facebook with time-killing social amusement rather than workplace productivity.  

If you're interested in more information on Workplace, you can visit their launch page to keep up with the latest on this new app.   

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