Facebook vs.Snapchat: What's your Story?

Antonio Nichols| @AntonioBNJr

Facebook may be one of the more tenured platforms in the social media community, but that does not mean it can thrive on its iconic features and well-established brand forever. The innovative nature of Facebook lives on in its most recent release of “Messenger Day”, an extension that allows users to post photographs in a way that is very similar to the Snapchat story function. In addition to posting photographs to your feed that are available for your Facebook friends to see for 24 hours, the extension also features stickers that are more extensive than Snapchat’s filters.

Photo Credit: Techcrunch

At this point, Facebook has only released this extension to users in Poland given the  high number of Messenger usersto drive interest to the new function. The idea behind this approach is that regions not dominated by Snapchat may be more open to the idea of using the Facebook version. According to Facebook, it is clear that people often use Messenger to update their friends and family about their lives and they will now have the opportunity to do so with visual aids.

Photo Credit: TechCrunch

Facebook has made continued improvements to remain competitive with Snapchat. Before this release, Facebook even experimented with disappearing text messages with no sucess. Due to the fact that Facebook’s latest release is so close to the features of Snapchat, the challenge to its rival is loud and clear. If this release does well abroad, Facebook could be inclined to bring the product into the states to compete directly with Snapchat. Instagram has created a function similar to Snapchat’s stories; however, Snapchat users remain faithful to the small white ghost because of the brand loyalty Snapchat has cultivated.

Photo Credit: Stationrd


The struggle to assume the dominant position among social media platforms will not be won on uniqueness alone, because there are many improvements to be made across the board.. Instagram and Facebook have both seen this in Snapchat’s story feature, and both have taken steps to incorporate it into their own platforms. With this new addition, will Facebook be victorious in toppling Snapchat? Stay up to date with all of the latest developments in social media, and contact Social Media Delivered to advertise today!