Instagram’s Latest Updates

By: Dai’Shai Logan | @daishairenae  

If you are an Instagram lover, you will probably find these new updates to be interesting. Just like other social networks, Instagram is constantly adding unique features to stay current and keep the app entertaining.

Instagram currently has 500 million monthly users and 300 million daily users. Having users from all over the world drives Instagram to continue to serve the needs of everyone possible. Instagram has added a new in-app feature that translates bios captions and comments. Users are now able to tap a "See Translation"  understand what a bio, caption or comment says, however, it currently only supports 24 languages.

Instagram has also added a fun way for users in France to see their pictures. The photo sharing app had its first ever ad campaign, which allowed users in France to see their photos on digital billboards. The French publicity campaign also incorporated community-sourced images into its online ads, and in movie theater promos.

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