Pokémon Go for Business

Pokémon Go for Business

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Chloe Hodge | @chloekhodge

Pokémon Go is rapidly becoming a powerful tool for businesses to spread the word about their services and products. The mobile game can be a unique and interactive way for businesses to connect with their community and help build relationships with their consumers.


Since its release in early July, Pokémon Go has dominated the mobile and gaming markets. In fact, after just two weeks, the virtual scavenger hunt has racked up more active users than Twitter. With 65 million daily users, Pokémon Go has become a game-changer,  and there’s still much room for the game to develop. While Pokémon Go has kept users on their toes and on their phones, it has also doubled Nintendo’s stock price.


Here’s what the experts are predicting…

Because of the game’s immediate success, some experts are envisioning Pokémon Go will out-perform some big names, such as Snapchat. In fact, mobile users are spending twice the amount of time in an average Pokémon Go session as they do during a Snapchat session.

President of location-based social networking app Foursquare Steven Rosenblatt believes that Pokémon Go is going to become a major marketing hub. In addition, chief executive of United Entertainment Group Jarrod Moses predicts the app will make millennial consumers feel more comfortable being marketed to.


It has been reported that some businesses have seen as high as a 75 percent jump in sales since the release of Pokémon Go.


Some in-app items your company should utilize…

Because Pokémon Go uses GPS, odds are your business is already on the game’s map! Let us help make your company stand out from the rest!


  • Pokécoins: Pokémon Go has its own internal currency called “Pokécoins”. However, you can exchange your money for this virtual currency. The exchange rate for pokécoins is roughly 100 coins for 99 cents.
  • Lures: This function is enabled by users and draws pokémon to a specific location for 30 minutes. Lures can benefit players across all mobile devices. Users can purchase lure modules through the app or obtain them at pokéstops. A creative way to take advantage of this function would be by creating a reward system. Simply have Pokémon Go users take a screenshot indicating that have activated a lure at your location and give them some incentive to spend a little. Get creative! Create a BOGO sale, a discount, etc.
  • Pokéstops: With pokéstops, players can check-in and gain rewards such as pokéballs, incense, revives, and other items that are useful to the game. Pokéstop locations are generated randomly.


Let Social Media Delivered help your business profit  with Pokémon Go!

  1. Want to throw a Pokémon party or event at your business? Social Media Delivered will develop a plan that caters to the targeted demographic, as defined by the client.
  2. Need help advertising your event on social media? We will create a promotional plan unique to your business that drives traffic to your website and business.
  3. We can set a schedule for when to drop lures that cater to your company’s busiest hours.
  4. Generate one promotional idea per month that draws attention to your Pokémon Go event and drives more traffic to your webpage.
  5. Provide a comprehensive report updating your company on opportunities and potential growth.
  6. Write an introductory newsletter to your current consumer-base promoting future Pokémon Go events.


Not quite sure how to optimize Pokémon Go? Send us an email at PokemonGo@socialmediadelivered.com.

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