Pinterest Provides New Ways To Online Shop

By: Peyton Thompson | @Peytonxthompson

Pinterest just got a whole lot easier and a lot more fun. You can now find items on Pinterest, by taking pictures in the app with the new “camera search” tool.  The feature will reduce the issue of seeing an item on Pinterest but having no  where to buy it. The company is also introducing an automatic visual search tool for IOS users. Up until recently, this tool was used to highlight certain items in images on Pinterest and then you would be provided with similar objects to browse through. With the new update, IOS users will now see dots on all the items in pictures and can click on them to browse similar items.

On July 5th, Pinterest got rid of their “Buy it” button to replace it with an “Add To Bag” button instead. This will make it possible for Pinterest users to buy more than one item on their site at a time. Pinterest’s buyable pins make it possible to purchase over 10 million products from over 2,000 retailers on the site. Merchants will be able to create pages dedicated to all of their items being sold through Pinterest and will also suggest things that the customer might want to buy. Pinterest reports that 55% of their viewers use their website as a place to shop, as opposed to Facebook’s 12%. When users see items on Pinterest, they are twice as likely to buy the items in stores.  With more than 100 million monthly users, Pinterest generated over $100 million of revenue in 2015.

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