5 Tips on How to Market Yourself on Instagram

By Allie Morgan | @alliemostew

Instagram is a fun and popular way to brand yourself and connect with your target market. Although Instagram has been favored for it’s simplicity, there are so many things that could go wrong and could completely bomb all efforts of effectively branding yourself or your company. Here are a few tips to help minimize the casualties and prevent that from happening altogether.

1. Write a killer bio.

First impressions are everything.  A lot of times, bios are the first thing that people will see. Be sure to write something catchy but make sure it also reflects your brand. If you have bios written on other platforms, make sure your Instagram bio is consistent with them. It doesn’t have to be exactly the same, but you want to make sure you are sending the same message across all platforms to your target audience. Don’t forget to include your link to your website in your bio!


2. Have a consistent point of view

Consistency is a major component of effectively branding yourself on Instagram. If you are a fashion boutique, you want to make sure your posts are trendy, fun, and appealing, but most importantly, fashion related. You also want the look of your photos to be consistent.  Similar filters, consistent theme, etc.

3. Use TRENDING  hashtags… and use them correctly.

Hashtags are so important when it comes to branding yourself on Instagram. It’s an excellent way to network and connect with other people who have a similar brand as you. Hashtags can start trending within minutes. Stay on top of current what is trending and begin including them in your posts that way all Instagram users (not just your personal followers)  can see your content. However, you want to make sure that your hashtags make sense and that they aren’t completely random or long run on sentences. For funzies, check out this oldie but goodie on how NOT to use hashtags.

 4. Keep it FUN.

Make sure that your posts are entertaining and make sure you interacting with other accounts and your target audience. Regram, comment on other users’ posts, reach out to those that comment on your posts as well. Being interactive provides people with transparency and humanizes your brand.

5. Don’t be bulk sharer.

You want to post content regularly and consistently but you don’t want to flood your follower’s feed with a plethora of posts at one time. It will get annoying and followers will scroll past you instead of double tapping.


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