Thanks, Dad!

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Today, we are taking a short break from the wonders of social media so we can honor and share stories of our fathers and their unconditional love and explain why they are some of our favorite humans on this Earth. Three of us here at Social Media Delivered, Allie, Peyton, and Cade, would like to take this time to write down a few words of a time when these men molded us into the young and loving adults we are today.

“Something that I’ve always admired about my dad is his unconditional patience. When I was just five years old, before I started kindergarten, I remember always wanting to learn to read and write. I got so much enjoyment out of putting letters together and figuring out how words were pronounced. So he would sit with me for hours and hours and he would write words down and then I would try to figure out how they were pronounced. This was something we did just about every day, no matter how busy he was or how much of a pest I was being, he would always write and read with me. We went through so many notebooks and, if we were ever out of paper, we would improvise and find old shoe boxes, or just about anything we could write on (that wasn’t the walls). Because of my dad and his patience, I was reading books before I even started school. Thanks, Dad” - Allie

“Something that I’ve always admired about my dad is his unconditional confidence in me. When I was younger, I loved soccer. My dad... not so much, but it didn’t matter to him. All that mattered to him was that I was happy. When I was six-years-old, my dad signed me up for my first soccer team, but that’s not all. He also signed up to be the coach. My dad didn’t like soccer, but he loved me and wanted to share as many experiences with me as he could. Every week we had a tradition. On Wednesday night we would go to soccer practice and then we’d go to dinner. It was like a father-daughter date. Every week I looked forward to Wednesday night because I knew I got to spend the whole night with my dad! Now that I’m 19-years-old, this tradition has faded, but I’ll never forget how my dad did anything he could to spend time with me. Thanks, Dad” - Peyton

“Something that I’ve always admired about my dad is his unconditional support in my endeavors. Middle school is the crossroad between childhood and adulthood. It’s the time to discover who you are and the kind of person you are going to grow up to be. My brother was my father’s prodigy. He excelled in all sports, he loved golf, and had unwavering bravery. I, on the other hand, was a band nerd with a love for art, writing, and an unwavering passion for Pokémon. Even though I was NOTHING like my father, he was never malevolent -- he was a father. He cheered me on in any way he could at every football game and band competition. He cheered me on, grew to love the nerdy things in my life, and love the differences between us. Even though he currently lives hundreds of miles away, I still feel the connection of love and equality he gave me. Thanks, Dad” - Cade

Father's Day
Father's Day

Three short paragraphs cannot bring enough emphasis on what our fathers, and father-figures, do for us. They shape our lives and bring love into our hearts. They protect, love, and treat us with care. From Allie, Peyton, Cade, and everybody else at Social Media Delivered– Thanks, Dad.