7 Signs You Should Intern with Social Media Delivered

By: Peyton Thompson | @PeytonxThompson  

Would you like to gain career experience while posting on social media? If you’re already posting constantly on social media like we are, why not get something out of it? Here at Social Media Delivered we are always looking for new interns who want to learn the “social media ropes”. Check out these 7 signs to see if you’d be a good fit at SMD.

  1. You turn real world experiences into social media posts

Here at Social Media Delivered, we like to post a variety of content. When posting content, we make sure to follow our CEO Eve Mayer’s Social Media Business Equation. This means that when creating content it needs to be twenty percent informative, entertaining and converting with 40 percent interacting. In order to post all these areas of content, it’s important to be conscious during the day if something “postable” is said or done. Regardless if it’s an amazing quote, insightful question or hilarious gif, you’re always thinking of ways to turn daily situations into posts.

  2. You constantly check social media to see if your followers like what you’re posting

If you’re like us, you understand that it’s important to have your audience connect with all of your posts. If your followers don’t like what you’re posting, then they’re probably going to unfollow you and if anyone asks about your account they’ll probably tell other people not to follow you as well. Social media savvy users pay close attention to the interactions on all of their posts. Posts with the most interactions give you a clue on what content works and ones with no interactions show you what doesn’t. At SMD, we are always looking for interns who understand that posting content the audience appreciates is a main priority.


3. Social media is business AND pleasure

This is exactly what we’re about at SMD. We love to have fun while working but also know we have to take our work seriously. Being a social media company we are always doing something involving a social media platform. Regardless if it’s writing Tweets, posting pins on Pinterest, or recording fun videos for Snapchat. Social media is a beneficial tool for extending your network and acquiring connections. We love LinkedIn because it does exactly this. You can make numerous connections daily on LinkedIn and this can only help further your career and help you gain access to new opportunities.

  4. You don’t follow boring accounts

Boring accounts are the worst. If you want an active follower base or want to build your brand, you need to post content that’s informative but also entertaining. An account that can make you laugh, but also provides important information is going to go much further than one that only informs. Don’t get me wrong, informative posts are essential to any account but there’s almost always a way to spice them up.

  5. You only follow active users

There’s nothing worse than someone who NEVER Tweets. Tweeting is so fun and if you’re as in love with social media as we are, then you don’t understand why someone wouldn’t tweet every day. Anyone who spends as much time as we do on social media knows how important it is to post content constantly. A stagnant account will have followers that are the same and have little to no follower interaction.

  6. You call people by their user name

It’s okay, we do it too. I can’t even count the number of times I’ve referred to Kevin Durant as “Easymoneysniper” because of his Instagram name. Honestly, sometimes I just forget. After tagging him in posts at SMD after his games and just seeing him on my own feed, it seems like second nature to call him by his online username. If you find yourself doing this too, then you should consider joining our team.

  7. No internet connection = meltdown

We’ve all been there. You’re on your phone trying to refresh Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, and no new content pulls up. You look up at the top left corner of your phone and you see the dreaded words “No Service.” You began to freak out. It’s 2016, why don’t we have internet connection everywhere? Your friends tell you it’s “not a big deal” but they don’t understand because they aren’t like you. They don’t use social media as constantly as you do. How are you supposed to tweet, post on Facebook or check Instagram? How are you supposed to congratulate Julie for her new position on LinkedIn? How will you know if John ever had pizza if you can’t refresh Instagram? Basically, you’re shutout of all humanity.


Are you a social media addict? Do you talk in hashtags? If so, you should apply now!

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