LinkedIn is Helping Address Challenges for its Users in India

Chloe Hodge | @chloekhodge

LinkedIn’s second-largest market is about to get a major upgrade. With 35 million users, India is the second-largest consumer for LinkedIn, after the United States. According to LinkedIn co-founder Allen Blue, that market is only going to continue to grow and develop. While the social media hub for professionals sees major potential for India to expand, LinkedIn is focusing on optimizing its webpage and mobile applications for relatively slow internet connections that affect much of the Indian population.

Because cell phone usage is the primary source of digital communication in India, LinkedIn has been focused primarily on optimizing its website for lagging 2G mobile internet connections. In addition to a more 2G-friendly website, LinkedIn has been in the process of further optimizing its mobile application. In December, LinkedIn unveiled its newly updated and simplified mobile app. The app was targeted not only toward providing a more intuitive experience, but it also aimed to become more global-friendly. According to a December blog written by VP of Product at LinkedIn, Joff Redfern, the app was entirely rebuilt in order to create a faster and dramatically simplified LinkedIn experience.

Nearly 2 weeks ago, LinkedIn opened a new office in Bangalore to meet the needs of its user-base in India. With the new office, LinkedIn hopes to offer content that caters to Indian businesses while continuing to honor its mission to further optimize content for areas with slower internet connections.

It will be interesting to see how LinkedIn’s initiative to better connect Indian professionals and businesses evolves!

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