Name Your Poison

Michael Babick | @michaelbabick

Traditionally Name Your Poison Day is the bartender asking what you’d like to drink, our liquor cart is fully stocked for our Friday happy hours, but today we asked our interns to name their poison, wanting to know what they thought was the best social media platform for businesses. Here’s what they thought:


My favorite social network to use is Instagram because of  many reasons. In an ideal world, if Facebook and Pinterest had a baby, Instagram would be the baby's name. To decode that weird analogy, Instagram allows millions to post unique pictures and videos, attach witty comments to them, and then share them with the people in their networks. You can also shoot someone a quick message via Instagram's chat ability, like and comment on others' photos, and, most importantly, continually follow new and interesting people, be it family or popular.” - Shaan Bisht


YouTube would have to be my favorite social media platform for business because it offers a unique experience other platforms can't match. It is the perfect way to show off your product, service, staff, business, etc.” - Phillip Sternitzke


“My favorite social media platform for business would be Instagram because you are able to post a picture and write a caption about your business while also being able to receive feedback in the form of comments and double tapping. Instagram is also one of the social media platforms with the highest growth rates and is constantly growing which helps businesses continue to expand and exploit their business.” - Anais Gutierrez


“My poison is the deep, dark and amazing hole of Tumblr. It is a site where millions of users can let loose their creativity and opinions under the umbrella of anonymity. It is a site focused on comedy and positive thinking that traps users in its memes, photos, and imaginative blogs.” - Cade Robertson


“My favorite platform is Instagram because of its simplicity and visually-appealing layout. I like being able to scroll through a company's profile and easily see what they're up to and what they're promoting.” - Aimy Smith


“My favorite platform for business is Facebook because more people are on Facebook than any other platform. Facebook helps you target and reach your audience and communicate with them the best way you see fit.” - Dai'Shai Logan


“My poison is Instagram because I like seeing visual aspects of companies. A picture is worth 1000 words and it's easier to tell a business's personality through pictures rather than tweets or posts.” - Peyton Thompson


So now we want to know, what’s your poison?