5 You-Tubular Reasons to Embrace YouTube

By Cade Robertson | @Cadesgap

As a student, new college grad, or a successful business - you probably spend a good 90% of your day on YouTube. (There’s a reason why my YouTube history is filled with hundreds of cat videos.) Even though YouTube has given users endless hours of entertainment, YouTube spearheads as one of the main influences on the next generation of advertisers and marketers. Though the popular platform contains hours of entertainment, your business can benefit as a presence on this platform. 


Picture courtesy of @mediakix

Here are 5 reasons to embrace the platform of cat videos:

1. Your messages spread like wildfire.

As of May 31st, there are over 1 BILLION users on YouTube. With billions of users constantly seeking new experiences, your business can benefit by having the ability to gain instant access to all of these knowledge-seeking individuals, companies, and groups. Consistent video posts not only allow you to spread your business’s value, it shows your audience what you can offer.

2. Live stream with the power of Google’s ‘Hangouts on Air’.

YouTube, with the power of Hangouts, gives you the ability to video chat with your audience in real time! This feature is especially important to a business as it provides an outlet for live video-interviews, mini “updates” where you can drop information about your business or simple Q&As led by the viewers in your live stream.

3. YouTubers = advertisers!

As of 2016, 8 in 10 of the most influential celebrities among teens are YouTubers. This exposure and influence can be a company’s saving grace. Some of these celebrities include Tyler Oakley, Grace Helbig, and Connor Franta. What is one thing all of these influencers have in common? Audible. Audible is a audiobook website that utilizes popular YouTubers and contracts them to advertise mid-video. I, myself, have downloaded my free audiobook after signing up using their personal link. The more your business is connected to YouTubers, the more influential you appear to the users.

4. YouTube is the final frontier.

Who needs paper when you can fully immerse yourself in virtual reality? Recently announced at Google I/O, YouTube is creating experiences in full 3D, 360 degree footage. YouTube is already collaborating with NBA, Buzzfeed, and Tastemade to bring to life a new area in video-watching. Your company could be next.

5. Seeds for success

YouTube’s growth has increased at least 50% year after year for the past 3 years. This growth is equivalent to the Computer Science industry of the 1980’s. A small presence today could be tomorrow’s Walmart. Almost every millennial who watches constant YouTube videos knows of Audible, and one day, your business could be a common millennial household name.