News Update: Instagram Releases Improved API

By Michael Babick | @MichaelBabick  

Instagram recently updated their API, or application program interface, to better address their users' concerns. Feedback from the community showed that Instagram users were unhappy with the current API, due to the fact they were unsure where exactly their content was being shared and viewed. These changes were first implemented in November of 2015. Any apps built before that time were grandfathered until today, June 1st, 2016. In that time, Instagram reviewed applications to be sure that they were in line with the new guidelines and terms. According to Albany Daily Star, “Part of that slimming effort includes the exclusion of support for apps’ access on Instagram feeds, leaving the third-party apps that once fed out that information, out to starve.”

In short, Instagram will only allow APIs that follow these three criteria:

  • Apps that help individuals share their own content with third party apps.
  • Apps that help brands and advertisers understand and manage their audience and media rights.
  • Apps that help broadcasters and publishers discover content, get digital rights to media, and share media with proper attribution.

What does this mean for your favorite third party apps? Many of them may cease to operate, or at least no longer operate in the traditional manner that you’re used to if they do not follow the above criteria.

Stay tuned for more updates!