News Update: Snapchat Update Adds New Sticker Feature

By Shazeb Nayani | @shazebnayani

Snapchat: the app that lets you chat, send pictures, and even cash. With all the new features Snapchat has added over the years, the team is in a continuous state of wonder as to what they could possibly roll out next. Although this particular update isn’t entirely new, it hasn't dimmed our anticipation.

Remember the sticker feature that Snapchat added back in March? It lets you send stickers to your friends via chat. Now those same stickers can be used on your Snaps!

“Stickers are basically giant, more adorable emoji, so this is a pretty exciting update for Snapchatters feeling a little restrained by the current options.” The stickers include “colorful sloths, walruses with thought bubbles like ‘TGIF’ and ‘When's lunch?’ and ‘basic’ cartoon avocados. There are also classic nods to Snapchat like kittens vomiting rainbows.” These can be used in Stories and individual snaps to depict your sticker-enhanced life. I’ve tried them out - as a witness, I can definitely say that they add personality, comedy, and spunk to any would-be mellow or uneventful environment.

From The Verge:


In order to add a sticker: “go to the note icon where you'd normally find emoji, next to the text icon... According to Refinery29, you can even pin them to moving objects in videos, creating the illusion that the stickers are floating in space.” This feature adds a whole new dimension to the world of Snapchat. With all of these options, the possibilities are endless. I can only imagine the creative, animated Snaps we’ll be seeing as a result.

Send us your Snappiest creations at @SocialMediaDel. We’d love to see how you’re using the new feature!