How To: Email Signatures and Social Media Icons

By Jamie Nanquil | @the_jamielynn  

In a world where our inboxes are often inundated with everything from a massive business request to a simple puppy GIF from Jerry down the hall, email signatures can often be overlooked, especially when there’s nothing that sets them apart. With such crucial information, it’s important to make a strong impression on your reader - like the digital version of a beautifully crafted business card that the recipient can’t bear to throw away.


Email Signature Sample


Let’s start with the basics. Keep it simple, keep it small, and keep it relevant.


1. Decide what your main image will be, whether it’s a logo, headshot or an icon.

If you already have this image file ready, then you’re ready for the next step. You can create your image file in Photoshop or any graphic editor you have access to. Alternatively, a great option is to use is Google Drawings - which you can access by clicking on My Drive, then More, then Google Drawings.


2. Store this image in a separate folder on your Google Drive. Then change the settings on this folder to Public and access to Anyone (no sign-in required).


3. Go to your settings in your Gmail account by clicking on the Gear icon, then Settings.

On the General tab, scroll down to the Signatures box. Insert in the image you want from the folder you created in Drive. Add in your contact information and format to your liking.


4. Now, it’s time to add in your social media links.

You can source free social media icons here or download one of the free sets we offer on our site for your email signatures. Resize the icons and upload them to your folder in Drive. Once back in the Signatures box, insert your icon images and fine tune the alignment to fit the rest of your signature. One at a time, click on each social icon, click the Link icon and insert in the URLs to your corresponding social link.


5. Remember to scroll down and click Save Changes. Make sure to test out your signature by sending a test email to a coworker or friend.

Now, clap sesh, because you’re done! Aren't email signatures fun?




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