LinkedIn Students: An App for Graduates

By Alexis Ashcraft | @thatnewschick  

As a student or new college grad, are you having trouble making a dent in the career world? Feel like you’re a little fish in a huge ocean and you keep getting eaten by bigger fish? Instead of taking out a billboard, let LinkedIn’s new app help!

Of course, by now, you most likely have enough knowledge of LinkedIn to have a profile on the site.

Out of the 414 million users on LinkedIn, around 40 million are college students or recent graduates - just like you. However, they usually don’t know what to look for, what they are qualified for, etc. Seeing this, it’s no surprise that LinkedIn put out new resources for the demographic.

The LinkedIn Students app is an amazing way to look for new positions, for both careers and internships that will suit you and your major. It’s a great way to network with those in your field and kick off your professional life. The app includes options to see what companies are hiring from your school, where alumni of your major have ended up, and a job list of what positions are appropriate for your major and experience level.

After setting up with your information, you start swiping through cards. After enough time, the information will shape up into careers that match your education and skills. (The awesome thing is that the algorithm for this involves and is partially led by alumni who went to the same college and had the same major as the user.) As you search and browse through the positions, you can even save the insights by clicking the star associated with it. In order to get the best results, contact the suggested professionals that come up to learn about the role and how to apply for it. You should also check out the advice available to students, as there are 500 articles for you to see already!

We also can’t ignore the student LinkedIn website, which has a downloadable complete with tips dofor building your professional background. The handbook is divided into three parts: “How to Kickstart Your Career,” “Job Searching Skills for Students,” and “Interviewing Tips for Students.” In other words, you can improve your resume, learn more about what you are looking for, and learn how to stand out in an interview.

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