President Obama's Top 5 Most Buzz-Worthy Moments

By Shazeb Nayani | @shazebnayani  

Obama’s presidency has been nothing short of un-PRECEDENTED. (Pun intended.) No matter our political affiliation, I think we can all agree that Obama's injected humor, wit, and charisma is unlike that of any other president I’ve seen in my day. In honor of his last White House Correspondents dinner, I wanted to celebrate some viral moments of Obama’s presidency that have especially stood out. 


1.) 2011 Correspondence Dinner


As we know, many rumors questioning Obama’s U.S. citizenship and eligibility circulated during his initial campaign, and even continue to after his election. In the 2011 Correspondence Dinner, he finally addresses these concerns. Knowing that we were about to take down Bin Laden just adds to his suave.


2.) Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee


In this episode of Seinfeld's popular web series “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee”, President Obama had a chance to let loose, relax, and be himself. They weren’t allowed to drive to a coffee shop (as per Secret Service orders), so they settled for coffee brewed in a White House kitchen. Sit back and enjoy an entertaining conversation, with topics including how many styles of underwear the President wears, who chooses the suits he wears, and the all-important question: if he shaves before or after his workout.


3.) 2013 Correspondents Dinner


Towards the end of his first term, it wasn’t quite clear if Obama would be re-elected. With this in mind, I guess he did have even more of a reason to celebrate when he was elected for a second term. Here’s how he rung in the 2013 Correspondents Dinner.


4.) Between Two Ferns


President Obama agreeing to guest on Zach Galifianakis’ show tells us that he clearly has a sense of humor and doesn’t take himself too seriously. Right when the show starts, Galifianakis gives a backhand apology for cancelling on Obama a few times, citing his mouse pad breaking and buying his aunt diabetes shoes. Obama strikes right back, saying he was surprised that people actually watch the show.

Later in the show, Galifianakis sarcastically laments that Obama can’t run for a third term. He responded, “If I did a third term, it would be like a third Hangover movie… Didn’t really work out, did it?”


5.) 2015 Correspondents Dinner


We all remember the disaster rollout of Obama reflects on this in the 2015 Correspondents Dinner with honesty and sarcasm, which makes for a great combination. It’s good when you can laugh at yourself, no?



Here's to hoping the next president is just as buzz-worthy.

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