Top 10 Ways to Prep Your Social for Job Hunting

By Alexis Ashcraft | @thatnewschick  

As a recent college graduate, you probably have your resume and cover letter written, an interview outfit all ready, and your post-interview questions written down. Now, all you need are these tips to stand out via your social media so you can drop the mic at your next interview.

1. "Adult"-ify your email.


Make sure that your email address is professional (no, texasbabe92 is not professional enough). The easiest way to ensure that this happens is to use your name as the handle. Also, be sure to unsubscribe to emails that are just taking up space in your inbox, and start spring cleaning from there. This is the best way to never miss an email about a job.

2. Use a professional photo. (Emphasis: Professional.)


Is your best profile picture a pic of you and your cat with a vignette filter? Then dress professionally (like you’re going to an interview) and snap a pic of you against a background that doesn't distract from your face. Be sure to show off your gorgeous smile when job hunting!

3. Bring your profile A-game.


Fill out every section that you can. Yes, it takes time to fill out every place you’ve worked and interned, but it’s all worth it. Make sure that you include a professional bio (especially on your LinkedIn Student App profile) so recruiters can get a sense of who you are!

4. Edit out the negativity.


Being completely sarcastic during an interview is not right, so why do that on your social media posts that everybody can see? Be smart with everything you post, or you’re jeopardizing your future career.

5. Adjust your privacy settings.


Have an album of pictures that you don’t want any recruiter to see? Maybe an angry post? Change the settings so they can be seen only by friends, or rather - nobody at all.

6. Be searchable.


Personalize your profile addresses down to your name so they’re easy to find by recruiters. For example, your LinkedIn Vanity URL: Do this for every social media profile (especially when job hunting) so companies can find you right away by Googling your name.

7. Follow the right people.


Follow the people that have the position you want, and the companies you want to work for. Anything related to your field should be followed as well so you can keep up with the newest ideas and can develop some yourself.

8. Are you a writer? Prove it.


Start a blog about things that you’re interested in that also has to do with your desired line of work. If you want to be a book editor, start a book blog. Don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through.

9. Devote time.


This is very important! Update your profile. Create a schedule for yourself so you can post enough. Take at least a couple hours a week to finding and posting things across at least three social media channels you use. Stay relevant and up-to-date on your channels.

10. Say no to GSP errors.


The importance of grammar and spelling is infinite! Do NOT misspell a word in your profiles, emails, blog posts, etcetera. Always go over your work, and have another person go over it as well, if you need to.


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