News Update: Facebook Pulls a Snapchat

By Elizabeth Lemuz | @lizrlemuz  

It’s that time again - where we do a recap of the wonderful new additions to one of our old-time favorite social media platforms. We have before mentioned that Facebook is plotting world domination following its suite of new upgrades and features. We have shared with you all the world of live streaming with Facebook Live in all of its video glory. Now, we have Facebook making a comeback with its camera app. This app would be similar to the already very popular Snapchat, and other than it resembling its clone, we don’t even have a name for it yet.

Facebook is a very well known platform, that many of us still use pretty often. We all log on to find the latest news, gossip and memes, along with the knee-slapper videos we bug all of our friends with. But how many pictures and videos are we actually uploading ourselves? I personally have many pictures uploaded on my Facebook account, but I don’t upload as many pictures as I do there as on Instagram or Snapchat. This is why Facebook wants to relaunch this camera app. The creation of this app is reported to have begun in London by its “friend-sharing” team. Facebook wants to give users the opportunity to share more of their life through the lens of their camera. We say “relaunch” because it’s not the first time this idea has come around.

The first murmurings were initially heard on The Wall Street Journal, while others like Mashable have also shared their excitement for the concept. This will be an app where anyone can upload their images onto Facebook and also live stream directly after opening. If you’re not sure how exactly this will look - don’t worry, neither do we. This is only because the idea is still in the works and Facebook is keeping mostly mum on the app’s uncertain future.

Do you think this new app is going to be more successful the second time around? Let us know what you think - tweet us at @socialmediadel!

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